Do you listen to music while coding?


(Miguel Piedrafita) #1

Some developers like to listen to music while they code, while others need total silence to concentrate.

Do you listen to music while coding? If you do, what music?

What's your favourite Spotify / YouTube playlist in general?
(Miguel Piedrafita) #2

I do listen to music while coding, as it helps me ignore my family talking in the background.

My coding playlist consists of Linkin Park, Fort Minor, Bring me the horizon, Thirty Seconds to Mars and the Proximity YouTube channel.

(Nathan Geerinck) #3

I listen a lot of music but when I need to focus myself I can’t listen to music because it interrupts me whole the time. :confused:

And I listen to all types of music. Except hardcore…

(Jip) #4

I thought I was the only one!

(MH Xion) #5

Instrumental if the project is a boring one other than that podcasts are my choice, mostly “Hackable” and “Learn to code with me”. But sometimes yeah the only music needed is the sound of a keyboard.

(Miguel Piedrafita) #6

Wow, I tried to code with podcasts but I kept losing focus or missing parts of the podcasts, you need a lot of concentrarion to do that!

(MH Xion) #7

Same here but you just get used to it!

(Roger Stach) #8

I personally think that you should listen to music while coding in order to actually have fun and remove the stress in it, it is pretty stressful when you got tons of error.

But some hackathon participants preferred not to listen to music in order to actually focus on their work due to limited time, I myself disagree with this because I think listening to music wouldn’t actually affect your productivity.

Anyway, I listen to chill songs like Bitter Fuck by Joji or Always by Panic! At The Disco or even Earth Angel by Marvin Berry & The Starlighters, and I usually listen to some songs that actually hype me up when I’m going to start my coding session, like Dead! by My Chemical Romance.

Sorry, is swearing allowed in this forum?

(Miguel Piedrafita) #9

Well, as we are all young here, I suppose it’s allowed to a certain extent.

(Jip) #10

I guess this really depends on the person. For example, when I try to code with music on, I can barely focus because most of the time I attempt to sing the lyrics (and fail, really badly.) or am too busy dancing. Or when I have a bug and I try to fix it, I just can’t focus on it with music.

(Roger Stach) #11

I could agree on you on that.

Sometimes when the music is actually loud and distracting, I would just pause it and actually think about the error that I’m getting.

(Miguel Piedrafita) #12

Totally. For me, productivity goes down when I start singing :laughing:

(Jonathan) #13

I usually listen to something calming, like Jazz-Hop or LoFi. Elijah Who and Tomppa are two of my favorite artists/producers.

(Roger Stach) #14

A little out of topic question here, but how do you guys listen to music? Do you guys use headphones? speakers or just regular earbuds?

I personally use a wireless headphones for more isolation :smile:

(Miguel Piedrafita) #15

Normally I use my headphones, but sometimes I use my speaker (I have my speaker connected now). Earbuds are only for the phone while I’m not at home.

(Arinerron) #16

I use headphones while listening to music like this playlist:

(Roger Stach) #17

I can’t imagine listening to that music in the middle of the night, alone, in my room, Imma be honest, it’s fucking creepy.

But it is your music, everyone has their own taste of music.

(Jip) #18

Same same same same!

(Taylor) #19

My music preferences normally just consist of whatever Spotify recommends me :ok_hand:

tl;dr this sort of music (it’s an image btw)
oh and also I listen to some kawaii future bass stuff like Shawn Wasabi.

(Roger Stach) #20

You look like you’re one of those music hipsters. Really.