Do you listen to music while coding?


(Jonathan) #21

What exactly is a “music hipster”? First I’m hearing of this term.

(Rody Molenaar) #22

Same here, the most complex features are written in silence.

(Roger Stach) #23

Well, it’s a term that I use on people who listen to the newest music all the time. Like Havana or Too Good at Goodbyes.

(William Oldham) #24

Most of the time I tend to not listen to music as it distracts me wayyyyy too much when doing tasks I actually need to think about. If I’m doing a tedious task, however, I tend to listen to instrumental music which has resulted being contemporary classical in recent (2Cello’s are amazing for anyone interesting in that sort of music :slight_smile: )

(Jack H) #25

2 Cellos are brilliant, especially their Thunderstruck cover. Check it out if you get chance

(William Oldham) #26

Thunderstruck, Trooper and The show must go on are the bestttt

(Bas Kuipers) #27

Oh I do, sometimes I just let youtube autoplay do it’s thing and it brings me a journey of “what am I listening to” every once in a while or just put a random playlist on on Itunes.
Also I hear some people claim that listening to game soundtracks helps you focus, as they’re made to keep you focussed on the game, so I gotta try that out :slight_smile:

(Roger Stach) #28

For me, I don’t care if it’s distracting, what matters is how the music actually boost my mood. When it’s distracting I will pause it and then play it again.

(Bas Kuipers) #29

Yeah! I myself I find it much better to do, let’s say, 2+ hours with 70-80% productivity vs 1 hour of 100% productivity and being burned-out afterwards.