Do you use a laptop or a desktop for your projects?


(Austin Grant) #1
  • desktop
  • laptop
  • mix of both

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Personally, I use a mix of both, with my MacBook being my main computer. I usually boot into my live USB on my desktop.

(Jonathan) #2

I’m forced to use a mix of both due to a mix of how much work I have to do and how much I move around. Being confined to just a desktop isn’t an option. Though I do a lot of work for systems that require higher system requirements (such as my work on CemUI, which requires Cemu, a WiiU emulator) I usually either develop on the desktop itself or develop on my laptop and test on my desktop.

(Miguel Piedrafita) #3

I normally code on my desktop, as I usually code at home. But if I go on a camp, or on holidays, I carry my laptop with me.

Luckly, my work (webdev) doesn’t have as much requirements as @RedDucks’s, so I can do more or less what I want :slight_smile:

(William Oldham) #4

I do all my work on a Desktop mainly because I don’t go elsewhere when coding. It also lends itself to being that working and testing Java in IntelliJ requires quite a good PC to run smoothly :stuck_out_tongue:

(Nathan Geerinck) #5

My parents are divorced so I do have a laptop…

(Jip) #6

I’m not sure if I shoud give your reply a like or not.

(Nathan Geerinck) #7

Of course you need to do it :joy:,

I’m 19 and I’m used to it.