FlareBot Discord Bot

(William Oldham) #1

Hi there!

A few of you have probably noticed I like to promote this link quite a bit: https://flarebot.stream and so I thought I would explain a bit here.

FlareBot is a music bot on Discord that was created back in September 2016. We have grown quickly to over 32 thousand servers making us the 27th biggest bot on Discord. The bot itself is written in Java but, outside of the bot, we utilise programs made in Node.JS to host our API and website. The bot was almost primarily created with the purpose of providing good quality music to servers but our intentions have now expanded to regions such as moderation and utility applications.

I myself joined the team back in May 2017 and proceeded to work my way to over 50 PRs and over 25 thousand line changes. This lead me to become, alongside the owner @walshy the project manager for FlareBot.

We are always looking for ways to improve and listen to suggestions from our users and welcome any criticism or improvements on our code on the FlareBot GitHub. We are always looking for volunteers who may have the skills or drive to help us in our journey. We recently took @mrjvs onto our team to create the new website and are always looking for people who have the passion or the knowledge to help with any aspects of the bot (Whether that be community-based or helping the development in any way :slight_smile: ). The entire team over at FlareBot is entirely voluntary and the only way we manage to pay for the servers is through our generous donators.

If anyone is interested in helping out or even just to take a look at the project, I have linked to all the necessary things below.

As always I welcome questions or comments about anything about the project :slight_smile:

(Daniel Walsh) #2

FlareBot is super cool :slight_smile: 40k now by the way!

(Riley Morycz) #3

Wow, that’s awesome!

(William Oldham) #4

Yupppp :wink: 50k here we come :smiley: