(Filip Samuel) #1

There are people on the forum that have done, do or are starting on freelancing. So as @m1guelpf pointed out this might be a good discussion subject.

(Nathan Geerinck) #2

I’m freelancing for two years now. It is a very nice way to earn some extra money because I’m almost everytime behind my pc.

(Filip Samuel) #3

Wow that is really nice! Can I ask you a few questions, since you have experience?

(Jip) #4

Would you mind doing it in this thread so I can read along?

(Nathan Geerinck) #5

In the beginning I started to work for a Minecraft host as a support employee but this evoluated into coding some things for this company. So it’s more likely getting some paid coding things from a friend.

And I still help hing out with some doing client work.

(Filip Samuel) #6

Oh, I see that many people like Minecraft on this forum(myself included). Have you ever made a webpage for someone from scratch? How much time did it take? Did you have problems designing it?
Sorry if I am putting a lot of questions. :yum:

(Nathan Geerinck) #7

I didn’t make some pages for Minecraft servers, I managed the custom system (built in Laravel) to deliver the servers etc.

(Filip Samuel) #8

So you’ve done only backend work?

(Nathan Geerinck) #9

Yes, I do suck in frontend…