How did you learn to code/program?


(Filip Samuel) #1

We all had a start maybe it was hard and frustrating but it got us where we are now. I learned coding by using an android app on my Galaxy Pocket S II to learn the fundamentals, then I learned most of advanced topics by building things and solving bugs, reading articles and very rarely books. Of course it was hard at beginning, I had to go over the same chapter a lot of times in order to learn a feature and I sucked a lot at writing big programs(my biggest program in my first 6 months was 42 lines of code). What about you?

(Miguel Piedrafita) #2

I started with HTML at school (yeah, HTML, do you want to fight?). One friday, I was bored and took the PHP Codecademy course (I finished it in a day, but I skipped all the OOP part because it was very confusing). Then, I started reading the source code of some GitHub repositories, and continued from there.

(Filip Samuel) #3

I don’t want to fight, unless it was HTML 4.0 then we got something to talk. :grin:

(Sam P) #4

Haha I have similar memories too. I somehow wrote an Android app without making any classes. Writing understandable java without OOP seems pretty hard :smile:

(Miguel Piedrafita) #5

It was, indeed

(Zuzy) #6

I was always interested in it and in school we had to do a whole term on python (You know basic stuff loops arrays functions) and that’s what got me into it. still saying the IT at my school can be horrendous but it did something good :roll_eyes:

(Filip Samuel) #7

:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: you’ve got Python at your school? Why I am feeling my school is the only with HTML 4.0 and not even basic C++?

(Filip Samuel) #8

Okay… what’s your informatics teacher name? I’ve gotta talk to him about evolution.

(Miguel Piedrafita) #9

Ironicly, there was a big “argument” on the code() Discord channel about I giving @RedDucks my teacher’s email but fortunately (for me) I didn do it. :joy:

(Jonathan) #10

Because I find your teacher to be disgusting and as someone going into the education field I felt responsible to point out that teachers wrongs.

(Austin Grant) #11

one day, (too long ago to really remember when) i was curious in how programs and games work. i used a lot of inspect element back in the day to learn how things work, and by doing that, i learned quite a bit of HTML on my own. most of the things i’ve done have just been me trying out things, as i find tutorials and things like that super boring. so, a lot of the ways i do things might not be the best, but they work, and that’s all good.

(Benjamin Philippe) #12

I started learning JavaScript in CodeCademy.

(Filip Samuel) #13

Someone understands me :relieved:

(Benjamin Philippe) #14

Yep, most of my content is just from that.

(Austin Grant) #15


(Zuzy) #16

Yeah, we have Python, Scratch (:roll_eyes:) and Game maker so its nothing too spectacular :joy:

(William Oldham) #17

For the younger years it’s fine :joy: I’m an elite hax0r so I do Java or JavaScript at school

(Zuzy) #18

They should just learn Python of the bat, or start off with game maker :roll_eyes: scratch is too easy and it doesnt teach anything…

(William Oldham) #19

“Too easy” from a proper programming perspective. If you’re a beginner then it teaches basic things such as iteration, function type behavior and logic behind actions. It’s quite a good teaching tool if the children are engaged and focused :wink:

(Miguel Piedrafita) #20

Wait, aren’t them the same thing? /s