How did you learn to code/program?


(mrjvs) #21

I started with HTML, I made some horrible websites and eventually i started using JavaScript as well. I kept doing that until I suddenly decided to code something in java without any prior knowledge of it. And from there I gave up on java and started making websites again and now I still do. (I probably shouldn’t be on a code forum when I am a web dev)

(William Oldham) #22

Don’t get me started pitchfork enabled

(Miguel Piedrafita) #23

Most people here are web developers (I consider myself a web developer, and although I know Python, Ruby, etc. PHP, JS, CSS and HTML are what I use most) and, after all, HTML is a programming language, isn’t it? /s

(Filip Samuel) #24

Okay come here kids, papa M0nst3r will tell you something very useful in life *sigh, HTML IS NOT A PROGRAMMING LANGUAAAAAGEEEE! Okay now before you try to punch me just read the definition HTML = Hypertext MARKUP LANGUAGE, languages like HTML just display raw text enclosed between “markups” in a specific manner. That’s it folks.

(Miguel Piedrafita) #25

The /s is supposed to indicate sarcasm. There are some recurring jokes in the forum, and HTML being a programming language is one of them :slight_smile:

(Filip Samuel) #26

Ooooh, I didn’t know about “/s” :sweat_smile: sorry