Jip's projects 😃

(Jip) #1

I realised I forgot to put my projects in my initial presentation post, so I’ll post them here in #projects instead

  • Jiplanner plan ahead in style! This is a web-app I made to help you plan ahead. It’s available in Dutch, English, Spanish, German, and French!
  • Well, that’s basically it. I really don’t have a lot of big projects, however I do have a lot of random, dumb ones. You can find those on my (not so very pretty) website!

(Miguel Piedrafita) #2

@Jip Is Jiplanner open-source?

Also, I do like your website, and that changelog thing also seems interesting.

(Jip) #3

Sadly no, Jiplanner is not open source. It was basically my first project that included storing data, so the security is really bad. If I were to open source it I’d expose basically everything everyone ever added, so that’s a no-no.

Thank you, I made it as a submission :smiley:

(Miguel Piedrafita) #4

@Jip Then, could you send me the Spanish translation files? There are some things to fix :smiley:

(Jip) #5

All languages are merged into one file, you can find those here

(Jonathan) #6

I assume this means you are storing everything in files on the FS? If so I would recommend going with a database rather than files. However if for whatever reason you cannot use a database, you could always store the files in a folder that is ignored with the .gitignore and upload to GitHub. Though again, based on that sentence there’s some major work to be in terms of security and storage.

(Jip) #7

I believe I have improved at least a little, since, seeing that with my new way of storing data, you can’t just get a URL to view everything. (Public folder, should’ve done that before).

And to answer this question, yes… That’s right. I know it’s really bad but I honestly just can’t seem to get the hang of databases.

(Miguel Piedrafita) #8


Here you have a corrected version:

var lang = {};
lang.en = {};
lang.nl = {};
lang.de = {};
lang.fr = {};
lang.es = {};

lang.en.minutes = ["minutes", "minute"];
lang.nl.minutes = ["minuten", "minuut"];
lang.de.minutes = ["minuten", "minute"];
lang.fr.minutes = ["minutes", "minute"];
lang.es.minutes = ["minutos", "minuto"];

lang.en.remaining = "remaining";
lang.nl.remaining = "nog";
lang.de.remaining = "verbleibend";
lang.fr.remaining = "restant";
lang.es.remaining = "restante";

lang.en.days = ["days", "day"];
lang.nl.days = ["dagen", "dag"];
lang.de.days = ["Tage", "Tag"];
lang.fr.days = ["jours", "jour"];
lang.es.days = ["día", "días"];

lang.en.hours = ["hours", "hour"];
lang.nl.hours = ["uren", "uur"];
lang.de.hours = ["Stunden", "Stunde"];
lang.fr.hours = ["heurs", "heur"];
lang.es.hours = ["hora", "horas"];

lang.en.years = ["year", "years"];
lang.nl.years = ["jaar", "jaren"];
lang.de.years = ["Jahr", "Jahre"];
lang.fr.years = ["année", "années"];
lang.es.years = ["año", "años"];

lang.en.seconds = "seconds";
lang.nl.seconds = "seconden";
lang.de.seconds = "secunden";
lang.fr.seconds = "seconds";
lang.es.seconds = "segundos";

lang.en.credits = "Contributors";
lang.nl.credits = "Bijdragers";
lang.de.credits = "Mitwirkende";
lang.fr.credits = "Contributeurs";
lang.es.credits = "Colaboradores";

lang.en.translation = "Translation";
lang.nl.translation = "Vertalingen";
lang.de.translation = "Übersetzungen";
lang.fr.translation = "Traduction";
lang.es.translation = "Traducción";

lang.en.programming = "Programming";
lang.nl.programming = "Programmering";
lang.de.programming = "Programmierung";
lang.fr.programming = "La programmation";
lang.es.programming = "Programación";

lang.en.unfinished = "Unfinished";
lang.nl.unfinished = "Onafgemaakt";
lang.de.unfinished = "Underledigt";
lang.fr.unfinished = "Inachevé";
lang.es.unfinished = "Inacabado";

lang.en.finished = "Completed";
lang.nl.finished = "Afgemaakt";
lang.de.finished = "Erledigt";
lang.fr.finished = "Fini";
lang.es.finished = "Completado";

lang.en.all = "All";
lang.nl.all ="Alles";
lang.de.all = "Alle";
lang.fr.all = "Tout";
lang.es.all = "Todos";

lang.en.filter = "Filters";
lang.nl.filter = "Filters";
lang.de.filter = "Filter";
lang.fr.filter = "Filtres";
lang.es.filter = "Filtros";

lang.en.noReminders = "Well, that's awkward. We couldn't find any reminders. Create a new reminder by clicking <b>+</b>!";
lang.nl.noReminders = "Oeps, dat is ongemakkelijk. Het lijkt erop dat we geen herinneringen konden vinden. Maak er een door op <b>+</b> te klikken!";
lang.de.noReminders = "Oh, das ist komisch. Wir konnten keine Erinnerungen finden. Erstelle eine neue, indem du auf <b>+</b> drückst!";
lang.fr.noReminders = "C'est gênant. Nous n'avons pas pu trouver de rappels. Créez un nouveau rappel en cliquant sur <b>+</b>!";
lang.es.noReminders = "Vaya, no pudimos encontrar ningún recordatorio. Puedes crear uno nuevo pulsando en <b>+</b>!";

lang.en.months = ["January", "February", "March", "April", "May", "June", "July", "Aaugust", "September", "October", "November", "December"];
lang.nl.months = ["Januari", "Februari", "Maart", "April", "Mei", "Juni", "Juli", "Augustus", "September", "Oktober", "November", "December"];
lang.de.months = ["Januar", "Februar", "März", "April", "Mai", "Juni", "Juli", "August", "September", "Oktober", "November", "Dezember"];
lang.fr.months = ["Janvier", "Février", "Mars", "Avril", "Mai", "Juin", "Juillet", "Août", "Septembre", "Octobre", "Novembre", "Décembre"];
lang.es.months = ["Enero", "Febrero", "Marzo", "Abril", "Mayo", "Junio", "Julio", "Agosto", "Septiembre", "Octubre", "Noviembre", "Diciembre"];

lang.en.toto = ["Today", "Tomorrow"];
lang.nl.toto = ["Vandaag", "Morgen"];
lang.de.toto = ["Heute", "Morgen"];
lang.fr.toto = ["Aujourd'hui", "Demain"];
lang.es.toto = ["Hoy", "Mañana"];

lang.en.memoryName = "Reminder name";
lang.nl.memoryName = "Naam herinnering";
lang.de.memoryName = "Titel";
lang.fr.memoryName = "Nom du rappel";
lang.es.memoryName = "Nombre de recordatorio";

lang.en.desc = "Description";
lang.nl.desc = "Beschrijving";
lang.de.desc = "Beschreibung";
lang.fr.desc = "La description";
lang.es.desc = "Descripción";

lang.en.settings = "Settings";
lang.nl.settings = "Instellingen";
lang.de.settings = "Einstellungen";
lang.fr.settings = "Paramètres";
lang.es.settings = "Configuración";

lang.en.signout = "Sign out";
lang.nl.signout = "Log uit";
lang.de.signout = "Abmelden";
lang.fr.signout = "Enregister";
lang.es.signout = "Salir";

lang.en.language = "Language";
lang.nl.language = "Taal";
lang.de.language = "Sprache";
lang.fr.language = "La language";
lang.es.language = "Idioma";

lang.en.save = "Save";
lang.nl.save = "Opslaan";
lang.de.save = "Speichern";
lang.fr.save = "Sauvegarder";
lang.es.save = "Guardar";

(Jonathan) #9

Try something like Mongo then. The API is extremely easy to wrap around and the data is saved/returned as normal JS objects, making working with data and manipulation super easy.

(Jip) #10

I’ll look into it as soon as I get done with insert supersecret project here, thanks :smiley:

(Miguel Piedrafita) #11

I normally use abstractions so I don’t need to understand them…

(Jip) #12

Thanks, pushed it :slight_smile:

(Benjamin Philippe) #13

Your line project was mesmerizing!
Obtw: in the language file, lang.fr.signout should be déconnexion.

(Taylor) #14

MC the game triple A defo