Key iPhone source code leaked!

(MH Xion) #1

Maybe you guys have already heard, a core portion of iPhone source codes(iBoot) was leaked.

Although Apple was able to take a DMCA removal action on GitHub, in some other repos it’s still active! Here’s one that I found:
Might not stay long. (I’m merely sharing the repo, not responsible for uploading it or creating it)

Edit: The repo above is already gone. I believe most of the early members already have it.

(Miguel Piedrafita) #2

I may or may not have a private copy of that repo

(Filip Samuel) #3

Don’t you need to know Swift to modify/analyze it?

(MH Xion) #4

If you look inside, it’s written in various languages, including python, c etc.

BTW, Swift is something that has a different name but it just looks like Java…

(Filip Samuel) #5

I took a look I am surprised they didn’t use their own language.

(Benjamin Philippe) #6

Even they admit their flaws.