Linux users: what Desktop Environment/Window Manager do you use?


(Austin Grant) #1

when on a super slow computer, i use i3, because it’s super light and i like the way it functions. when i’m on a computer that actually works, i use budgie, because it’s amazing.

(Miguel Piedrafita) #2

What’s a DE/WM?

(Austin Grant) #3

Desktop Environment/Window Manager. i edited the op to clear that up. sorry about that

(Miguel Piedrafita) #4

Don’t worry, I’m the one who doesn’t know :slight_smile:
I use Gnome, as it’s the default Ubuntu one

(Filip Samuel) #5

I used Enlightement, MATE, LXDE, Hackbox, xfce4 but I really like i3 and I stick with it even if is a little hard to configure.

(Austin Grant) #6

here’s my i3 config, and here’s my i3blocks config, if you’re curious.

(Bruce Blore) #7

I tried GNOME and didn’t like it that much. I use LXDE because it is easy to use and insanely fast.

(MH Xion) #8

I use cinnamon… It’s the old new 88)

(Arinerron) #9

cinnamon, paper theme.

(William Oldham) #10

Gnome, I’m lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

(Tassu) #11

I’ve been always using Fluxbox. (and I hate 10 char limit sometimes)