Pika.py - A good Discord Bot, I swear!

(Riley Morycz) #1

My name is Pika, and for the past 3 months, I’ve been working on a little bot I call Pika.py!
It has lots of features, but here are a few highlights:

  • Moderation
  • Fun stuff
  • Starboard

There’s plenty more, so feel free to look around!
Here are some links:
Discord: https://discord.gg/8vFPUhV
GitHub: https://github.com/ThatNerdyPikachu/Pika.py
DBL: https://discordbots.org/bot/412042272268615680

If you need any support, either DM me, or talk to me on either code() or the Discord server above!

Happy bottoling!

(Miguel Piedrafita) #2

Just had a look at the source, and the amount of features is impressive!

(Riley Morycz) #3

Wow, thanks! Honestly, it could use way more imo, but that’s great that you enjoy it!
psst i might run out of hosting soon, got any good providers?

(Miguel Piedrafita) #4

If you migrate from SQLite to Postgres, you might be able to fit into Heroku’s free tier. You could also get a DO droplet.

(Jori) #5

It looks like a fine bot, although it doesn’t allow for having something like a config.json, that’s really a downside, look at https://github.com/JustMaffie/RandomBot, that has a nice config and that stuff, its a lot better, and you have a lot of hardcoded stuff which is always bad.

(Jori) #6

Your bot also reconnects to the SQLite thing upon every command, you can just have one connection and keep that, would be better, and personally I’m not a fan of voting, I just prefer controlling my own destiny, I don’t want abusive members to vote to set all channel topics to something inappropriate or ban the users who least deserve the ban

(Riley Morycz) #7
  1. I’ve been trying to find some stuff to not have myself connecting to the DB on every command, yeah
  2. The voting commands are actually disabled by default, only an admin can turn them on/off
  3. I see your point about the config.json, but really, I only hardcode 2 things: the token, and the playing status. Basically everything else is either controllable through the config command, or a certain permission the user needs. Also, the bot really isn’t meant for selfhosting… the instructions are just there for people who want to have a go at it. It’s not meant for it like Red or your bot is.

Thanks for the thoughts and feedback, I really appreciate it!

(By the way, the reason the voting was added in the 1st place is because of the me_irl discord server, and I liked the idea a lot, so I decided to roll with it.)