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(Jori) #1
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It would be cool to see a “Recruitment” category, there you can put up a post about you being available for recruiting or if you are recruiting, would be cool and handy. Vote on the poll with your opinion please!

(Miguel Piedrafita) #2

Who would recruite people for what?

(Daniel Walsh) #3

Would this include or be specifically targeted at monetary jobs?

(Jori) #4

Well yes it would include monetary jobs, its hard for teenagers to make some money, and if people like me can actually develop for money that would be great, the start of something great.

(Daniel Walsh) #5

I used to freelance and hell I earned more money than I do now. I can’t even buy a flat right now but before I actually could have :joy:
It is a great opportunity having that, but, there’s also the flipside of people will try to abuse the system and scam or whatever else.

(Jori) #6

True, but these people can be banned, and for the legit people it would be a great way of earning some money.

(Miguel Piedrafita) #7

I fail to see why would anyone want to hire people from this forum. To start, only people who are under 20 can create topics, so only they can hire people. The only way I could see this working is looking for a team for a project or looking for mantainers for an OSS project…

(William Oldham) #8

I think it would be better targetted at that