So We Hacked into our school email system

(Arinerron) #21

@JustMaffie Because from their perspective, I hacked their email account or something. IT wasn’t going to report me until the school admin came running to them asking to track me down (and they already did).

@1337M0nst3r They caught be because of the reason I just wrote about above. They knew it was me because my username was in the subdomain in the header that contains the source server (and from my username it’s simple to determine my first name and last initial). I honestly didn’t think it was that bad, so I didn’t bother with anonymity. The ITs thought it was weird that an error message would be formatted like it was so they decided to look in the headers for anything useful and they found it. I realized they knew it was me when a friend who works with IT sent a message saying “why” and a screenshot of the headers, so I went to go talk to them about it, and we just laughed about it cause they thought it was funny, and they weren’t going to report it until that admin freaked out.

(Filip Samuel) #22

Well I hope you learned a valuable lesson from this, the morale of the story is “Don’t get caught” :):sweat_smile:

(Jori) #23

You get how it works :slight_smile: