The "Hey, I'm trapped behind my school's firewall" thread

(Miguel Piedrafita) #1

We’ve all been there. We go to {StackOverflow|XKCD|Some random website} and we get a ugly screen saying you can’t access that website because it’s in the games category (why tf did my school add stackoverflow to the Games category? ¯\(ツ)/¯). Anyway, here we are to help you!

How to disable DNS-based "firewalls"

You can easely unblock some so-called firewalls that block using DNS by changing your DNS settings to match Google ones.

If your school’s firewall isn’t listed here, fell free to comment :arrow_down: and we’ll be happy to help you.

(Filip Samuel) #2

This sounds logic but what if the acces to DNS settings is prohibited to “student” account and you need “administrator” privilegies?

(Miguel Piedrafita) #3

It depends on the type of protection they’re using. If we suppose they’re using a DNS-based proxy, and that you’re using a Windows PC, you could:

  • Use a proxy extension for your browser <- Easier
  • Bypass Window’s UAC and change settings anyways
  • Login as the administrator account <- This is the one I used on my school :slight_smile:

(Zuzy) #4

Since our school doesn’t care much about bringing in your own devices, we just downloaded tor on a Flash USB stick and we use that to bypass everything with @binaryoverload

(William Oldham) #5

Don’t bring me into this, I’m innocent :angel:

(Miguel Piedrafita) #6

Or are you?

(William Oldham) #7

I actually am :eyes: The only thing I do rarely do is use a virtual connection to my house to access Facebook Messenger :joy:

(Zuzy) #8

Im the One that Needs to Keep using Tor in order to Get Onto Reddit :smirk:

(Benjamin Philippe) #9

I need tor on my phone.

(Miguel Piedrafita) #10

(Benjamin Philippe) #11

That’s great idea!

(Taylor) #12

Ah, that’s pretty useful.

My school is like a high security prison - nothing’s allowed.
Not even the king of school gaming is unblocked.
The Ultrasurf executable is marked as malware, and is overloaded on run.
PowerShellMafia’s PowerSploit is marked as malware, and deleted.
My school’s web filters work through proxies on certain sites, somehow.
The BIOS and Boot Menus are also locked down, so I can’t use a bootable usb.
There’s also a bunch more stuff blocked.

What’s your solution?

(Miguel Piedrafita) #13

Download the following file,

Plop Boot Manager

Extract the downloaded zip file and follow the included instructions. Windows instructions are on the Windows folder.

Once installed, you should be able to boot from USB even without unlocking the BIOS.

(Taylor) #14

Tried it today, it won’t boot. Not the USB that I have my external stuff on, but Plop itself.

(MH Xion) #15

Just use a DNS-leak-free hardcore VPN, the whole damn country won’t spot you :sunglasses:

(Taylor) #16

I didn’t see an /s there, so link pls xd

(MH Xion) #18

If you have previous experience of doing black hat stuff then it’s be easy for you. Instructions in the PM.

(Bruce Blore) #19

Here is what I am thinking, and it should work as long as your school uses a blacklist instead of a whitelist. Set up a home computer to function as a sort of proxy server. Set up a JavaScript API where you can request a page and your home computer will retrieve it and send it to you (possibly with modifications so the page will send all additional traffic through your computer first). Create a single line of JavaScript that you can copy-paste into the address bar or bookmark to access your JavaScript API proxy server. I also heard that you can use RealVNC with nothing but a browser on the client computer. That gives you complete remote access to your home computer, so you can access blocked websites AND your personal files.

(Mark) #20

You could always just use like TeamViewer or something with your home PC. I haven’t tried that though.

(Riley Morycz) #21

My school blocks everything, and they are school owned devices, so nothing I can really do.
Even so, any ideas?