(Miguel Piedrafita) #1

UnMarkDocs is my biggest project to the date, and the only one I haven’t launched yet.

What’s UnMarkDocs?

UnMarkDocs is a web service that renders your project’s documentation.

What makes UnMarkDocs special?

  • UnMarkDocs syncs your documentation from a GitHub repository, so you can make your documentation open-source (or keep it private) and whenever you push to your repository, it’ll be autoupdated.
  • While you can add boring, plain text documentation, UnMarkDocs primary focus is Markdown, so we’ll render it before serving it.
  • But not normal markdown. UnMarkDocs will render UFM (UnMarkDocs flavoured Markdown), a Markdown flavour that adds OEmbed support, FA icons, alerts, emoji and lots of other things, while supporting the common Markdown syntax.

How can I register

UnMarkDocs is in a private beta phase, but CoderYouth users can get early access by using this invite.

What's your proudest work?
(Nathan Geerinck) #2

Thanks for the invite! I was already waiting for one!

But I’ll use your project for the API documentation of my project! Very exited to use it!

(Miguel Piedrafita) #3

Wow, that’s great. Didn’t expect anyone from here to know about it. Feel free to contact me if you need help :slight_smile:

(Nathan Geerinck) #4

Awesome, I’ll do it!

(Jonathan) #5

I can’t seem to sign up? I am not getting the conformation email. I checked my spam folder, not there either. I have tried resending the email multiple times with no success. Any help?

Edit: Nevermind it sent now, wow it took a long time to send that email. Maybe that should get looked at?