We are on ProductHunt!


(Miguel Piedrafita) #1

@lama hunted us on PH!
Would be cool if we could get some upvotes from members…

(Miguel Piedrafita) pinned globally #2

(Lama) #3

That would be me :raising_hand_woman:t2: . I found the community via a blogpost on FCC and hunted it :smile:

(Miguel Piedrafita) #4

Thank you for hunting us!
Also, can you link to the FCC blogpost? I know I wrote something for HackerNoon, but don’t remember posting anything on FreeCodeCamp…

(Lama) #5

Ah, sorry. I confused FCC with HN since I follow both on Medium. :relieved: Do you have a PH account so that I can credit you?

(Miguel Piedrafita) #6

@lama I am already listed by PH as the maker :smile:

(Lama) #7

Ah, okay! When I submitted it and put your Twitter account (found it via Medium), it didn’t add you immediately, so I wasn’t sure if that meant you had a PH account or not :sweat_smile: