What is your favorite webserver?


(Arinerron) #1

I know, I know. Just another controversial topic. But I gotta ask. What’s your favorite webserver, and why?

(I tend to use apache but caddy is nice too)

(Miguel Piedrafita) #2

For production, I use apache because when you’re lazy like me and want to install PHP in a new droplet, apache is the fastest option.

For development, I use hotel, because it takes like 5 seconds to setup with new projects and has never caused me any problems.

I’ve wanting to try Caddy for production, but haven’t found a moment yet.

(Arinerron) #3

Oh yes, for development sometimes I use the built in php webserver (php -S). Lol, I’ll try hotel. Thanks. :joy:

(William Oldham) #4

This looks good :eyes: I personally use apache for everything :joy: Then again, I hardly do web development anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jack H) #5

I use apache, occasionally nginx

(Jonathan) #6

I got used to using Apache for PHP, mainly because I use XAMPP for PHP development. I use NGINX when working with Node though, and I have been looking into Caddy for a while now but haven’t done anything with it yet.