What OS do you use?


(Miguel Piedrafita) #1

I have Ubuntu (Linux) installed on my computer, but sometimes switch to Windows (dual-boot) for Photoshop or Ableton.

What OS do you use?

Which Linux Distro you use and why?
(Jonathan) #2

I typically use Windows as it’s what I started with, and what I’m most comfortable with. But I dual-boot Ubuntu for Linux-specific things like Redis.

(William Oldham) #3

I use Windows simply because of the fact that it’s the most compatible and the most widely supported OS out there. It’s quick and looks good as well which helps. I used to use Fedora (A flavour of Linux) when I did website development because of ease of setting up servers but now that I’m mostly doing server management and backend work I use windows :stuck_out_tongue:

I do however work with Linux servers on a daily basis so I suppose I kinda do use both Windows and Linux.

P.S. @m1guelpf you ninja’d me, i was going to make a similar post :joy:

What was your first programming language?
(Nathan Geerinck) #4

Since july this year I have a Macbook Pro with OSx. But before that I had a Windows machine and it was miserable for webdevelopment.

(William Oldham) #5

I agree they are miserable for web development :+1: Windows works well for me now since I use Java most of the time which is perfectly fine on Windows :slight_smile:

(Nathan Geerinck) #6

Yeah, for webdevelopment it sucked so hard. Every time I had to install composer again when I rebooted my pc…

But the sad times are over! :joy:

(Taylor) #7

Linux FTW, I used to use Fedora dualbooted until my W10 install crapped out on me. I’d happily use Linux any day over Windows, but since I waste most of my time playing games, I still use Windows since 95% of my games aren’t compatible with Linux.

(William Oldham) #8

Yeah things like Apache, PHP, Composer are all a pain to use/install on Windows :joy:

(Miguel Piedrafita) #9


(Miguel Piedrafita) #10

And things like XAMPP only make it worse…

(Taylor) #11

Does Wine work with Steam games? Also I’ve heard some people talking about the vulnerabilities of Wine and wasn’t sure if it was a good idea.

(William Oldham) #12

Wine is a miserable and broken system, would not recommend for normal programs let alone games.

(William Oldham) #13

Indeed… How I love using apt-get install apache2 php on linux :joy:

(Nathan Geerinck) #14

I bought MAMP and that was a good one. But composer fucked me whole the time…

(Miguel Piedrafita) #15

Well, there is chocolately on Windows…

(William Oldham) #16

There is but that’s just an extra thing to install, Linux has it built in :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jonathan) #17

I’ve been using Windows as my main dev OS (I have used all 3 mainstream OS’ during my years, but I main Windows) since I started (and I started in web development), and never had those issues. The composer issue is unheard of for me, and I can’t find any other reports of that issue, which leads me to believe it’s specific to you?

As for the Apache/PHP issue, I’ve always used XAMPP and had 0 issues? Been using it for all my 5 years working in PHP. Not saying Windows is perfect, but it definitely isn’t “terrible for web development” by any means.

(Nathan Geerinck) #18

Every time I’ve rebooted my Windows machine, my php.ini file was gone. And I’ve need to replace it with a backup. And composer needs php so I had to reinstall it every time.

(William Oldham) #19

I must have been trying to use it wrong then :stuck_out_tongue: Every time I tried to set it up it didn’t work properly or it took a while to set up.

(Jonathan) #20

That still seems like an isolated issue, as I cannot find any other reports of this issue (on Google at least) nor have I, nor my colleagues, experienced this. We have had issues with changes not taking effect, but that usually just boils down to some permissions error. Never heard of the file being deleted completely.

Can you define “didn’t work properly”? There are a very wide ranges of issues that fall into that. The only issue I had at first was port binding, but I found that was caused by Skype already binding to the ports XAMPP needs (so changing one Skype setting fixed it for me).