What OS do you use?


(William Oldham) #21

It was a while ago so I can’t remember specifically but I mostly believe it was either due to port errors or to the fact that it didn’t install correctly :stuck_out_tongue:

Either way, I don’t do web development anymore so it makes no odds to me :stuck_out_tongue: (I do however have a manually installed Apache and PHP setup on my Windows desktop now :eyes:)

(Filip Samuel) #22

I am using Linux for web development, prgramming, graphics(i don’t know to draw :frowning: ), image editing(not good at this too :frowning: ) and sometimes games. But the most important thing that made me choose Linux was that I could modify it down to the kernel, there’s a holiday nearby and I plan on doing my own distribution using ArchLinux. On linux when you don’t like something you simply modify it, you create, transform and edit everything that’s the magic.

(Jonathan) #23

Really? I could have sworn you did still.

(William Oldham) #24

I think you’ve been misinformed :eyes: I only really do backend development now and any work I do with web development will be setting up the backend rather than the design or creation of a front-end :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jonathan) #25

Backend is still web development, lol. There are different areas of web development. “Web development” is just the development of web-related applications. Whether that be complete websites, API servers, ect. Still web development.

(William Oldham) #26

Fair play, I tend to associate “web development” with the front-end. In that case, I suppose I do some web development :stuck_out_tongue:

Still don’t do a lot of it however as I’m mostly focussed on server-side applications not relating to websites :stuck_out_tongue:

(Roger Stach) #27

I feel like I’m the odd one’s out since I use macOS :laughing:

(William Oldham) #28


(Jip) #29

But what if I’m on Windows but I like macos, too? To be honest, anything is better than (brace yourselves) ChromeOS

(William Oldham) #30

I mean honestly it depends on your use case :eyes:

(Roger Stach) #31

LoL, tbh I never actually use ChromeOS, isn’t it the software that students use at their school or something?

(Bas Kuipers) #32

I use MacOS for pretty much anything but gaming.

(Jip) #33

It is, and it’s bloody awful.

(Miguel Piedrafita) #34

Hey, ChromeOS is great for web development!

(William Oldham) #35

:dagger: No. Just. No.

(Taylor) #36



(Miguel Piedrafita) #37

Have you ever tried it?

(William Oldham) #38

Yup and it’s awful for anything other than web browsing and google docs :stuck_out_tongue:

(Bas Kuipers) #39

I mean it could work with those web IDE’s.
I’ve used a chromebook at school before and tried a web IDE out and tbh it wasn’t that bad. Ofcourse I still prefer MacOS over it. ^^

(William Oldham) #40

Suppose so, even so it’s not great. I prefer good ol’ VSCode or Sublime :slight_smile: