What OS do you use?


(Arinerron) #61

Arch Linux with zsh+omz and cinnamon. Haven’t needed to use Windows in years.

(Austin Grant) #62

I use MacOS for most of my personal stuff, but when I go places and need my dev env to come with me, I use my Solus Linux live USB because Budgie is amazing and I like the way that Solus works in general.

(MH Xion) #63

Windows and Linux on VMWare. Anyone else here use Linux Mint?

(William Oldham) #64

Nope :eyes: Debian ftw

(Arinerron) #65

When not Arch, I use Mint.

(Dominic Fitch-Jones) #66

My main development rig is a Hackintosh. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Jori) #67

Linux and Windows, Windows for my home PC, Linux on any VPS

(William Oldham) #68

Amen to this :pray:

(Austin Grant) #69

i have committed a sin. i have switched to the arch side. i still use budgie though. i just like that arch has a lot more packages than solus does.

(Filip Samuel) #70

Shall you obey the arch way, your sin is forgiven my child.

(Bruce Blore) #71

Debian GNU/Linux

(Patrick Sletvold) #72

I’m using macOS at the moment, but most of my life I’ve used Windows. My experience with macOS has been better, and being a Unix system, it’s much better for coding in my opinion. It’s also harder to break stuff (for me) on a mac. The amount of games available for is pretty good, though still well behind Windows, and since I rarely play big heavy AAA games anyway, my MacBook is (mostly) doing fine. Though I could do with an SSD at least double the size.