What text editor do you use?


(Roger Stach) #21

Why do you use Atom? It’s heavy as fuck.

(Arinerron) #22

I prefer it for large projects because it’s clean and I like its plugin system. My computer can handle it fine. I use vim for smaller projects though.

(Miguel Piedrafita) #23

(Roger Stach) #24

Real programmers use tabs :smirk:

(Arinerron) #25

Oh boy, here we go. Lol.

(Roger Stach) #26

Basically opening a pit hole don’t I :laughing:

(MH Xion) #27

Whoa! I truly don’t understand why most people only have heard of Brackets but never used it in their life. I used Brackets for a couple of months only for web development and it was really great and looked promising at it’s early stage. Brackets terribly efficient for web development but not too good for other back-ends for now. I switched to VSCode as my projects grew bigger and hoping to revert to Brackets again when it becomes a grown up.

(Miguel Piedrafita) #28

I tried Brackets when Adobe announced it, but than moved to Atom and forgot about it.

(Dominic Fitch-Jones) #29

Sublime and PhpStorm currently. Would love to start using VS Code, I tried it out in the past but for seemingly no reason, stoped using it pretty quickly.