What was your first programming language?


(Miguel Piedrafita) #21

You can also use Bash on windows:

(William Oldham) #22

Thank you… I’ve needed this :joy:

(Filip Samuel) #23

LOL, now I am remembering what Linus Torvalds said:
“When Windows will drop apps for Linux it means I’ve won” :joy::joy:

(William Oldham) #24

:joy: Indeed although Windows hasn’t dropped it’s apps, it’s merely given you a hard-to-enable-for-normal people Linux system :joy:

(William Oldham) #26

I don’t like apple products, too over simplified and locked down :stuck_out_tongue:

What OS do you use?
(Roger Stach) #27

lol wrong thread

(Roger Stach) #28

Well, fortunately it fits my needs, even tho I actually has a desktop that runs Ubuntu 17.04 on it, anyway this is out of topic. Let’s move to another thread.

(Benjamin Philippe) #29


(William Oldham) #30

:joy: I might use it but it’s unlikely

(Benjamin Philippe) #31

That just makes me wonder: how useful is PowerShell?

(William Oldham) #32

Haven’t used it much but I heard it’s good for advanced people :stuck_out_tongue:

(Miguel Piedrafita) #33

It’s only useful for hacking system administration

(William Oldham) #34

Debatable, I know quite a few IT professionals use it for fixing and debugging stuff especially in enterprise environments. You would most likely be right for non-professionals tho :stuck_out_tongue: