What's your schools approach to teaching beginners programming?

(Riley Morycz) #1

This should be a fun one…
As the title says, what is your schools approach?
Mines this:

  • Weebly. Yes, you heard that right. WEEBLY
  • Mozilla Thimble. Apparently this is a HTML sandbox?
  • Thunkable. No clue
  • Google Sites. Yep, Google Sites. ITS GOOGLE SITES!1!!111

And keep in mind, that whole thing spans across 6, 7th, and 8th grade (currently in 6th, and I’m supposed to be doing this!? Someone give me tips on how to survive. The IT teacher knows me and loves me, even though I’m in none of his classes yet. Maybe I can use that to my advantage?)

(Daniel Walsh) #2

In High School we used Eclipse to do some Python and Java, we didn’t really do any webdev. When we did it was in Notepad++ and we were told to just open the HTML file to “preview” it.
In College I have 2 topics which involve programming, web server scripting and Game Engines. Web server scripting is using ASP Classic (old lang no one uses -_-) and the people use Dreamweaver (I personally use Sublime and only have Dreamweaver open to upload the files (FTP upload to some site)). In Game Engines we’re doing some C++ with Unreal Engine and using Visual Studio for that.

(Riley Morycz) #3

Do they NOT know about Sublime?

Can’t you just use another FTP client?

(Daniel Walsh) #4

Nope plus they wanted to make it easier on everyone else so they can “see what they’re doing” but my fucking god is that software badly made.

There isn’t an official FileZilla portable and I couldn’t install the normal client without some hassle so I’d rather just have that program up to quickly tab into and press a button every like 20 mins

(Riley Morycz) #5

What about WinSCP? It has a portable version…

(Daniel Walsh) #6

That would work, I didn’t really care much at the time. Will remember that though for next week!

(Riley Morycz) #7

WinSCP is muuch better than FileZilla (even tho filezilla is more widely used for some bizarre reason)
Say, I’ve seen some FTP plugins for Sublime around, why don’t you try one of those?
(Edit: Here’s one that has an infinite trial period! https://wbond.net/sublime_packages/sftp)

(Daniel Walsh) #8

Ah thanks! Never really looked for any since I don’t use (S)FTP to upload at home /shrug

(Riley Morycz) #9

Do any of us?
just kidding, i do, to my vps /shrug

(Miguel Piedrafita) #10

On my school, things are worse: (I’m going to put my age instead of the grade because I don’t know the England/USA/etc equivalent)

  • We started having TICs (how they call it) last year (I was 14). The year was divided in two parts.

    • On the first one we did Word and Excel and, yes, we had a Word exam, and we spent days and days in the computer room doing Word practice
    • On the second one we had theorical exams about Windows XP, serial ports and other prehistorical things. Also, the book we used to learn all this modern stuff was older than me and IT DIDN’T EVEN MENTION USB
  • This year, we were told we were going to do some real programming stuff, and people got excited. This is what we’ve done:

    • First, we worked with Gimp, but not latest version ofc, we used a version from 2010.
    • We also did a bit of Audacity, also with a very outdated version of the program
    • Then, we were teached a programming language. HTML. But HTML4, with no mention to CSS and styling everything with attributes. WE STUDIED THE F*CKING MARQUEE AND BLINK TAGS
    • And now, we’re working on Scratch.

(Riley Morycz) #11

Excuse me? That’s pretty advanced…


no usb?

(Miguel Piedrafita) #12

Yeah, sure. We have had like 10 sessions, and they haven’t got the cat to move yet.

It looks like the book came out before they were widely accepted. It did mention floppy disks, thought.

(Mark) #13

There’s a class called AP Computer Science Principles at my school. The teacher has a doctorate in e n g l i s h so I’m not even bothering.

(Daniel) #14

Ha, I’m taking that class right now. Boring as hell, all we do is go through a code.org course and you have to code using blocks.

(Mark) #15

Well good that I didn’t take it.