What's your school's IT education like?


(Miguel Piedrafita) #1

After a big discussion on the code() discord channel, I’ve decided to move the question to CoderYouth to learn about other stories.

What’s your school’s IT education like? What do they teach? How do they treat you? Are they open to innovation?

(mrjvs) #2

Its nonexistent sadly.
I do asked the system admins for permission to code on the school computer though. I did get permission. Now its one of the only productive things I do at school. and I get asked if I am a hacker daily…

(Miguel Piedrafita) #3

Like, to code during breaks? Or during class?

Like joking or in an annoying way? I get asked this every day, but they also consider me the tech guy who has the obligation to fix any problems they create, and it’s horrible.

(mrjvs) #4

I code any chance I get at school. just plug my usb in and start. mostly during hour breaks.
and I dont really know if they are joking or not. some generally look terrified. I am very silent in class and am probably considered the weird guy in class. never get asked to help. which isnt that bad. but its always fun to see teachers struggle not knowing how to play a video file.

(Nathan Geerinck) #5

At my secondary school I has lessons informatics and it was all about the Microsoft office things. We also learned some some programming with a certain program. But I’ve forgotten the name.

Since this year I’m at at university and I’ve chosen for informatics. The main programming language is Java. But I got also some lessons analyses, program design, databases, computer architecture. So all IT related courses.

(Filip Samuel) #6

Despite I have a computer-math high-school the IT education is… well… inexistent.
On an recent exam I asked my teacher what was wrong with the code I wrote(a simple C++ program that returns the product of two numbers), according to him:
main() should be always void main() - wrong
I can’t just print the result on screen I must first write: "result= "
And a bunch of other things like putting quotation marks around variables which is simply wrong, there were also times when this guy lacked logic on a basic if statement!!!
We code in HTML 4.0!! and even that extremely rare, I can’t use a PC at school(I would “break something”), soon I will not even be able to use my phone.
My peers are… well frankly the don’t know what operating system is installed on their smartphone.

(Miguel Piedrafita) #7

I can’t use my phone at school

I had those last year. We had a WORD exam!

Let me tell you something about mine, most hadn’t used a PC since primary school. Only 4 people on my class (30 persons) have seen Matrix, and most of them thougth that restart wiped their phones. :man_facepalming:

(Jack H) #8

The computer science at my school is lacking. We learn old school “easy” languages that don’t tend to correlate to better languages. For example Python and Visual Basic. We also do very simple tasks. I’m not trying to sound big headed, however I find these tasks very easy, I finish most of them within 15-30 mins in a lesson. The teacher even knows I’m skilled, however still sets me off with the same work as all other students. I’m not the only smart computer guy in my class, there are like 3 others however I spend most of my lessons just speaking to friends.

I do most of my learning at home in all fairness.

(Jip) #9


(Miguel Piedrafita) #10

Like anyone. I’m totally sure anyone here is self-taugth, or at least has learned coding/design/devops/opsec/whatever outside school.

(Arinerron) #11

What IT education?

(Nathan Geerinck) #12

That is informatics at school

(Arinerron) #13

(it was a joke :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

(Filip Samuel) #14

The last part about restarting their phones really would’ve been a good joke :joy::joy::joy:

(Miguel Piedrafita) #15

I’m trying to stop being the “hacker”, so black magic trics with phones aren’t probably the best idea… but yeah, it’d be funny…

I also have a history about powering off the school’s projector with a bluetooth smartband, maybe I’ll post it some day, but the reaction was priceless.

(mrjvs) #16

I said I was allowed to code during breaks and such. Apparently my right has been revoked. I was just told I want allowed to anymore and now I’m making designs on paper. they said “I’ve had enough, you should be doing stuff for school” they can try a lot. But they will not get me to do school stuff if there isn’t any use in it.
I’ll probably bring my laptop to school from now on so I can work on shit in peace.

(Jacob ) #17

As I’m attending the same school as @mrjvs, indeed its basically non-existing. Before me and jvs asked for the permission to program at school, I have multiple times almost been banned from the library because I was looking at the source code of a project of mine.

Teachers are allergic to technology. Some teachers go mad when coming in class with your phone in your hand, let alone doing something else on your pc when you’re finished with your task. I just have to sit there and do nothing. When they catch me on programming I’ll have a big problem.

Even when I brought my own laptop to school I was told not to program on it, or I would have another problem. This was in a public space…

Things got better when we got that permission, but our school still has a whole lot to learn

(Jacob ) #18

@mrjvs Since when, that’s bullshit…

(Zuzy) #19

One of my teachers told me “I looked at your computer during break, You were Installing some Programs! It could have been a Virus!”

I was extracting my work from a zip file…

(mrjvs) #20

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