What's your school's IT education like?


(Miguel Piedrafita) #21

I was banned from the school library one for doing SCRATCH :man_facepalming:

(Jip) #22

your teacher

(Miguel Piedrafita) #23

In my school, there are rules against using your mobile, they can confiscate it if they find it…

(Jip) #24

My school has rules against it, and most of the time when others do it they get all upset, but they just… Don’t seem to care when I do it.

(William Oldham) #25

I’m in sixth form so teachers don’t care if we’re on our phones as long as it’s not in front of the younger kids :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jip) #26

That sounds great

(Miguel Piedrafita) #27

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Okay, so in my school, we have an IT class. In the first term, we learned Gimp 1.0 (Current is 2.8.whatever). Now we are learning HTML, but HTML4. We are using width and height attributes for images, the <center> tag for centering things and tables without styling. Finally, in the third term, we’ll do Movie Maker (deprecated by Microsoft), but not an acceptable version (also, there’s no acceptable version), we are using a version of MMK before it had transitions. I mean, the movie maker that came with Windows Me (my first OS) already had transitions :man_facepalming:

Let me expand the HTML thing:

  1. They call HTML a programming language
  2. I had to ask for permission to style tables with CSS
  3. We have to code in f*cking Windows Notepad!
  4. Most of the things we are “learning” here are deprecated in HTML5

Finally, the teacher’s method to teach us is to send us a PDF document with the spec (copied from a website) and then ask us to do lots of exercises (also from a website).

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(Filip Samuel) #28

Teach me senpai!

(Jip) #29

Yes, and me.

(Miguel Piedrafita) #30

Ok, so I had this Jawbone smartband (it’s horrible, wouldn’t recommend it) that synced with the mobile app via Bluetooth. Also, the projector in class uses Bluetooth for some reason. So, I managed to pair the smartband to the projector so it would power on/off when I enabled day/night mode (by accident) and they didn’t figure out who was messing with the projector for months.

(Filip Samuel) #31

What did they do when they found out? :joy::joy::joy:

(Miguel Piedrafita) #32

They laughed and asked me to disconnect it or stop bringing it to class

(Filip Samuel) #33

:joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl: truly priceless

(Arinerron) #34

Lol I was sent to detention in early middle school for scrolling through the source code of the schools website (someone told the teacher I was “hacking”)

(Lama) #35

We have a couple of CS classes, but only one or two of them teach actual code (Java). Most of it is pseudocode, or at least, that’s what a friend who’s taking the classes told me.

(Miguel Piedrafita) #36

So then, you’re learning Java and Python? /s

(Lama) #37

I actually don’t take any of my school’s coding classes. I’d been learning JS on my own (hated it) and am learning Java + Python on my own. By the time I became interested in backend, I had to fill my schedule with graduation requirements.

(Patrick Sletvold) #38

Reading all of the stories in this thread makes me realize my school is not too bad at tech. The people in my class may not be that good at stuff I would assume was basic knowledge, but at least they recognize that coding ≠ hacking the school.

As for the quality of IT education, I’m not sure. A friend of mine is doing some IT specialization, and they are using a bunch of old stuff. Pretty sure they use HTML4 too. Though they are taking apart computers, setting up servers, and that sort of thing, which I guess is pretty cool.

(Riley Morycz) #39

Lucky! I get asked to fix simple things…
Funny story, once got taken out of class to press a teachers F11…

(Jori) #40

High school IT education? Does that even exist? Not here, that’s why I hate school, its pretty useless to me seeing as I don’t learn ANYTHING there, well at least not shit related to programming…