Where do you get your inspiration from?


(Taylor) #1

So hey, recently as I’ve been doing my projects, I’ve been at a loss for ideas.

I’m just wondering, how / where do you get inspiration for your work from? The only place I’ve really found any is by breaking the rules of the thing I’m doing it on (e.g., using Discord to create an operating system (yes I did that, unfortunately my hard drive got screwed over when I tried to dualboot Fedora and I lost it ;-;))

Also, I’m curious to what you guys come up with! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Roger Stach) #2

I really don’t know, ideas would just pop into my head.

(Jonathan) #3

(Miguel Piedrafita) #4

You should probably read “People need my product!” (But do they want it?).

(Miguel Piedrafita) #5

Personally, my projects came from random ideas I have. Right now, I have a to-do list with like 15 different ideas :laughing:

(Jonathan) #6

That wasn’t the point of my reply. By “see a need, fill a need” I wasn’t suggesting coming up with arbitrary needs like that article suggests. I was saying that actually finding a need that has a demand is what drives most of my projects.

Take for example my old Vanilla BuyCraft project. There was a real need, and demand, for this type of project at the time of me making it, hence why I made it.

More recently, CemUI was conceived when I saw members of the Cemu community complaining about the Cemu UI, and wanting the developers to make it cleaner. Thus that project was born, and RiiU is built partly from the demand in the Cemu community to allow online play without a WiiU, and peoples concerns over the WiiU’s EOL.

Please don’t misinterpret what I mean by “See a need, fill a need”, as it isn’t what you are suggesting.

I finding that seeing what people actually have a demand for, and building applications around those demands, to be very beneficial as it builds real-world application development experience and pushes you to have actual clean and function code (which is an important practice) as opposed to spaghetti code found in most random/practice projects (I am very guilty of this myself. CemUI 1.0 was 100% spaghetti code), among the other generic benefits of practice-projects such as keeping skills sharp and learning new things.

(William Oldham) #7

My inspiration for making things tends to be something I need myself and I just share to the world in hopes someone else might find it useful :stuck_out_tongue: Take JSON-Config for example, I made this as a spigot-like config system for JSON files while developing FlareBot. Someone else may use my project but it’s mostly just me (Probably from lack of documentation to be fair :eyes:)

Although, I tend to work on one big project for a long period of time so I don’t need much inspiration when it comes to making projects :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jacob ) #8

A lot of times I can’t think of anything I could start making. Sometimes I just browse by some friends, either online or real-life, and ask them if there’s something they’re missing on their pc, or something they have, but could be improved.

Sometimes the inspiration just comes out of nowhere, or it comes because of something I’ve done or seen. Just a few weeks ago I was watching an episode the Netflix-series Designated Survivor, where a US Navy vessel was threatened in hostile waters. Then I came with the idea of creating a UI-based strategy game where you have command over several navy ships and you have to lead them in battle. I’ve been filling my free time with this for some weeks now :wink:

Also something I struggled with a lot when I started coding, as long as you are no professional programmer(read: making money with coding), you should code for fun, not because you actually want to release your project. I actually catch myself thinking like this every now and then, and it doesn’t enhance your fun in coding, actually it does the opposite :wink:

(mrjvs) #9

For frontend, google or randomly go cycle in a forest or city.

(Jip) #10

That’s genius.

(Jip) #11

Spoilers dude >:(

(Jacob ) #12

@Jip Sorry :joy: It’s not that spoiling though, you can read the same on the episode desc :wink:

(Jip) #13

What episode even is it? I’m at like 2x3 or so

(Filip Samuel) #14

They just pop up randomly and I note every single one down, for example one week ago I was reading a horror story about a program that made other programs, one of these was a game called “Die”, I am not gonna drop spoilers :grin:. I made a fangame out of it and turned pretty good, what I learned from it couldn’t have been written in a book. Just look around there are lots of things that aren’t build.

(Jacob ) #15

S02E06, you’re almost there :wink: