Which Linux Distro you use and why?


(MH Xion) #1

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This isn’t a “which one is better” bargaining thread, just share what’s on top of your Linux kernel since a lot of us are already a Linux geek :sunglasses: I think young devs who hasn’t started Linux yet won’t think twice to switch to Linux.

  • Which Linux Distro you use?

  • Why do you use it over the other?

I use the Mint, Cinnamon. I was introduced with Ubuntu and a lot others that I can’t remember right now, but I chose Mint over them as I found Mint an UI targeted platform. I liked the way Mint used Cinnamon and made everything available to customize easily. UI/UX is a big deal to me BTW.

(Miguel Piedrafita) #2

Mine’s easy: I use Ubuntu because it’s the most widely supported, and because when I was looking to migrate to Linux, Ubuntu was the recommended option for starting with Linux. Also, I like snap packages :slight_smile:

(Filip Samuel) #3

I am curtently using Bodhi Linux because it’s really easy to use, it’s based on ubuntu so it has support and is so small(just 683mb). But I am gonna switch to ArchLinux.

(Austin Grant) #4

I like Solus Linux a lot. One day, I was bored and wanted to switch away from the Ubu train, so I dl’d Solus and I’ve been in love ever since! I love the desktop env, the third party options with the software center are amazing (it directly downloads stuff like Android Studio, IntelliJ, Sublime, etc etc), and, even though not a lot of people use it, the devs are amazing at putting packages up.

(William Oldham) #5

I use Fedora as it is the most cutting edge and also comes with the latest Gnome by default :stuck_out_tongue: I say that when I actually use Windows as my main OS :eyes: For any servers I will always default to either ubuntu 16.04+ or Debian 9. I find fedora’s package manager (DNF) is actually a lot faster than APT too :stuck_out_tongue:

tl;dr Fedora for Desktop, Debain for servers.

(Roger Stach) #6

I use Ubuntu because it’s the easiest OS I’ve ever installed on a PC.

(Arinerron) #7

Arch. Customizability. Speed. Lack of bloatware.

When I need something stable or quick, Mint.

(Bruce Blore) #8

Debian. Well supported, stable, and easy to use.