Why do you code?


(Filip Samuel) #1

We all started somewhere but why?
For me it was that amazing feeling I had building using logic, using all my brain, I was like mindblown when I solved my first hard bug. :blush:
Why do you code?

(Nathan Geerinck) #2

In the beginning I coded to explore the world of coding. Afterwards I wanted to gain some experience and now I’m building applications for commercial use.

And because It’s awesome :heart:

(Miguel Piedrafita) #3

I’ve been attracted to computers since I can remember. When I was younger, I’d always check all the buttons in programs to see what they did (I broke three computers by messing with Windows Registry and deleting temporal files). When I noticed I could do my own things, it became my passion.

That’s why I started, but why do I code now? I do it to help others and because the feeling when you see something you’ve made used by other people is amazing. For example, if you’re using the Laravel framework, you’re indirectly using something I made, and also probably manually typing one of my contributions :wink:

Also, this is a very good question, thank you for asking it!

(Benjamin Philippe) #4

I mostly programmed video games because I enjoyed them! :smile: Then I got to enjoy programming in general. (I still make games tho)