Why was this forum specifically created?


(whitelight) #1

Why was this forum specifically created?

I have been on many forums, and I feel from my experience developers are being represented no matter age, so I ask the entire community this question. Why do you use this forum? and why do you feel this forum better represents youths, if you feel it does? Please tell me your thoughts.
P.S. This is for curiosity reasons, I in no way dislike this forum!

(Miguel Piedrafita) #2

Of course there are other forums, but the idea behind this one is not to represent the youth tech community.

From my personal experience, we don’t usually have friends interested in code. This was true in my case and in orhers I knew, so I decided to build CoderYouth to meet other developers of my age I can talk about tech and code with.

I’m not sure if I explained myself correctly, but you can learn more in my (short) article in HackerNoon.

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