Write a film script


(Jip) #21

Suddenly, a breach opens and the Flash comes running out of it.

(Miguel Piedrafita) #22

But it turns out it was Adobe Flash Player, full of bugs as always. Meanwhile, the Goddess AI escapes using the breach created by Flash.

(Jip) #23

She has no idea where she is and so ends up calling Sameen Shaw, who then smirks at a camera.

(Miguel Piedrafita) #24

When Sameen realizes who (or what) called her, tries to destroy the AI, but the Godess fights back by saying blockchain very fast, which causes a collapse in Sameen’s mind.

(Benjamin Philippe) #25

The Goddess A.I. finds Randy Orton, who helps her find the correct portal… to the computer where the van hacker and James Bond are fighting!

(Filip Samuel) #26

It turns out the hacker James Bond is fighting is a hologram, the van is a remote controlled simulator which supresses the Goddes A.I. and emits high-frequency waves which melts the brains.

(Jip) #27

But as it turns out, melting brains isn’t the only thing the pulse did. All of the sudden, a space ship came out of the sky.

(Roger Stach) #28

And then, the spaceship crew kidnaps James Bond and took him into another dimension, the Web Dimension.

(Benjamin Philippe) #29

James Bond goes to the wise GOOGLE to try to find out how he can defeat the person behind the hacker’s hologram.

(Miguel Piedrafita) #30

As always, the first Google link goes to a Wikipedia page, but then James Bond gets distracted playing the WikiGame, and the person behind the hacker’s hologram deletes the article and erases its history by hacking into the Wikimedia servers

(Filip Samuel) #31

James Bond hides in his own Wikipedia page by using SQL injection. But he is stuck here.

(Miguel Piedrafita) #32

He manages to get out of the page by using the reference links. Fortunately, there was a reference to a store near the van and he manages to get back to the real world.

(Roger Stach) #33

Unfortunately, James Bond realized, while he was doing the SQL injection, the hacker’s hologram also find a way to get injected into James Bond body.

James Bond says “I’m not moving my body, what the fuck”?

(Benjamin Philippe) #34

The Goddess A.I. somehow is back and finds on Wikipedia some psuedocode for removing people from people’s bodies when suddenly the Python prophet tells the Goddess A.I. she can run it directly.

(Roger Stach) #35

That’s where the Golang prophet comes in, the first time the Goddess A.I saw him, it was love at first sight. The Goddess A.I. immediately dumped Python and run away with Golang.

(Benjamin Philippe) #36

She takes advantage of Python and runs the code anyway, which kicks the hacker into the (probably) real world. It turns out the hacker was JSFuck, the master of XSS.

(Miguel Piedrafita) #37

But while he’s looking for the meaning of lifethis, James Bond gets back to the real world by surfing on lisp brackets.